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The Ancient Egyptian

Heritage and Archaeology Fund

The Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund is a private, non-profit organization with a mission is to support research and conservation on Egyptian history and culture. In particular it seeks to record and publish sites and monuments at risk from agricultural and urban expansion, looting and vandalism and climate change.


Deir el-Ballas

Deir el-Ballas is of great archaeological and historic importance, but the site is at extreme risk from both looting and from the uncontrolled expansion of the neighboring modern town.


Sadly, Peter M. Borremeo Jr., who helped set up the Fund passed away last month.

He was an invaluable and enthusiastic board member and patron and will be deeply missed.


Deir el-Ballas 2019-2020, Week 1: 12/1-12/6

We started back at the site this week. First, we checked the ‘South Palace’ with Tony Crosby to go over last year’s restoration and plan for future work and then we moved to the houses to the West of the North Palace. These were threatened by the expansion of the modern cemetery which had destroyed a number entirely as well as by looting. We began by cleaning House D, which we had covered at the end of the season last year to prot[...]

Deir el-Ballas 2018-2019, Week Five: 1/3 – 1/10

Side view of the partially restored façade of the ‘South Palace’ Our last week at the site was a busy one finishing up as much of the restoration of the ‘South Palace’ we could for this year and then backfilling and covering up the exposed ancient brickwork to protect it until next season. Work was also going on finishing up the guard house for the site. We submitted our report for the season to the Antiquities Department office[...]