Another Brick in the Wall

Preparations have begun for our upcoming 2018-19 season at Deir el-Ballas. Already Hassaan Mohamed Ali has supervised the production of 5000 new mud bricks for the restoration of the façade of the “South Palace” which had been perilously undermined by looters. We will also survey the South Wadi and the South Hill and area to assess the condition of the ancient houses, the chapels area, workmen’s village and administrative areas. [...]


From left to right: Niv Allon, Christian Knoblauch, Peter Lacovara and Bettina Bader in a chilly Boston. The publication team that worked on the Hearst Expedition Material at in Berkeley this past April reconvened at the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) annual meeting which was held from November 15th to 18th at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel. ASOR is celebrating its 117th year sponsors archaeological research and other [...]

Debating Deir el-Ballas

The site of Deir el-Ballas is of great importance in our understanding of the history and archaeology of the Second Intermediate Period. This June Peter Lacovara participated in an International Workshop on “Second Intermediate Period Assemblages: The Building Blocks of Local Relative Sequences of Material Culture” hosted by the ‘Beyond Politics’ Project at the Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology of the Austrian Acade[...]

Drawing Deir el-Ballas

Bettina Bader drawing a "fish dish" with Vicky Jensen and Christian Knoblanch In order to prepare Reisner's excavations at Deir el-Ballas for publication I was joined by Bettina Bader and Christian Knoblauch of the Austrian Academy of Sciences project: Beyond Politics: Material Culture in Second Intermediate Period Egypt and Nubia, START-Projekt Y 754-G19 funded by the Austrian Science, and by Niv Allon of the Metropolitan Museum of Art [...]

Back to Ballas

Piet Collet surveying on top of "South Palace" From January 11 to January 24, 2017, the Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund conducted our first, short initial season of survey and recording at the Site of Deir el-Ballas. Our goals for this campaign were to figure out ways to protect and restore the structures remaining at the site and in particular to study the “South Palace,” which had been damaged by recent looting. Our [...]