Deir el-Ballas 2022, Week 1

Deir el-Ballas 2022, Week 1

Finishing up restoration on the façade of the “South Palace”

This marks our first week back at the site. We are continuing the restoration on the “South Palace” and have finished the façade and are now capping the inner stairway wall preparatory to restoring the stairway next week. During the cleaning to cap the wall, we discovered more wood fragments embedded in the mud-brick on. The same line as those found earlier. One was another cedar fragment that had been painted red with pegged mortise and tenons, an important innovation in the evolution of shipbuilding. Another piece had a heavily worn surface and was perhaps originally part of the ship’s decking. Both fragments were firmly embedded in the wall and could not be taken out safely and so they were recorded and covered over to protect them.

Ship timber embedded in the brickwork

Ellen Morris was investigating the top of the platform but it had been so turned over even before Reisner’s excavations in 1900, that little or nothing of the original surface seems to have survived. Nicholas Brown continued his work in House E, defining the periphery of the structure and finishing up the interior rooms.

Ellen Morris on top of the “South Palace”
Nicholas Brown at House E